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OG Kush Strain Specific 510 Cartridge (1g)


Indica THC: 86.49% CBD: 0.26%

THC oil and imbued with organically inferred terpenes.

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Product Info

The OG Kush 510 Cartridge is an impactful piney flavor and gentle citrus connotations are suggestive of going for a stroll through the backwoods. We can’t let you know precisely how this Indica strain will cause you to feel – everybody’s body science is extraordinary, and your experience will be as novel as you are – however Nick had this when he went skydiving and endure. Moxie’s Strain Specific vape cartridges offer a helpful, compact, and careful approach to make the most of your preferred strains. Normally determined source materials are twice-refined to accomplish the most flawless type of actuated THC oil and imbued with organically inferred terpenes to give the escort impact advantages of a full-range cannabis item.

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